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When you’re looking for practical advice regarding a matrimonial or parenting concern, put your trust in a law firm that has successfully handled these issues for generations. Daniel Lawson Tuggle & Jerles, L.L.P. in Perry provides strong counsel to Georgians in divorces, custody disputes and other domestic matters. Our lawyers have nearly 80 years of combined experience, which they apply in reaching favorable resolutions for clients, whether the case is simple or complex.

Protecting clients’ rights in divorce proceedings

We safeguard our clients’ interests and deliver authoritative advice on each aspect of divorce. A marriage can be dissolved on no-fault grounds if both spouses agree it is irretrievably broken. Without such an agreement, a Georgia divorce must be based on one of 12 traditional fault grounds, such as adultery, mental or physical cruelty and desertion. Many couples complete the divorce process amicably. However, if you and your spouse cannot agree on key issues like child custody, property division or alimony, you may have to resolve them in court. Our proven attorneys will be in your corner, asserting your rights in negotiation or in litigation.

Reaching workable child custody and child support arrangements

If you are getting divorced and have minor children, their physical, emotional and financial needs are paramount in your mind. Our firm helps clients collaborate with their partners to craft a fair parenting plan, covering:

  • Child custody — Courts generally favor plans that provide frequent, meaningful contact between children and each of their parents. We help fashion arrangements covering legal custody, which determines decisions about the child’s education, health care and religious upbringing, and physical custody, which governs the child’s primary place of residence.
  • Child support — Georgia uses a formula based on the parents’ gross income to arrive at a monthly support amount to be paid to the parent with primary custody. We make sure the child support determination is fair to our client, based on his or her financial circumstances.

We will advocate for a resolution of support and custody issues that serves your children’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs while protecting your parental rights.

Protecting your rights in property division

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, which means any assets or debts acquired by either spouse during the marriage are subject to fair but not necessarily equal division upon divorce. On the other hand, property owned by a spouse before marriage remains that spouse’s separate property, as does a gift or inheritance received by one spouse during the marriage. We have experience with equitable distribution of marital estates of various sizes and degrees of complexity. We work to ensure all property and debt is identified correctly as marital or separate and that it is accurately valued.

Advocating for fair alimony terms

In Georgia, alimony is designed to give spouses financial support for a limited period while they establish or re-establish their earning ability. Alimony “pendent lite” may be awarded while the divorce is going on. If a significant limitation prevents a spouse from working, post-divorce alimony may be awarded long-term or even permanently. Our attorneys have experience litigating alimony issues on behalf of those seeking support and those who may be required to pay.

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