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Accomplished Georgia Family Lawyers Assist Spouses and Parents

Skillful attorneys handle divorce and custody issues in the Perry area

How a family law situation is resolved can affect you and your loved ones for years to come. When you require assistance with a matrimonial or parenting concern, it only makes sense that you retain a law firm who has successfully handled these issues for generations. Since 1959, Daniel Lawson Tuggle & Jerles LLC in Perry has provided strong counsel to Georgians in divorces, custody disputes and other domestic matters. Our lawyers have more than 70 years of combined experience and use that background to reach favorable solutions for clients whether the case in question is simple or highly contested.

Professional advocates protect clients’ rights in divorce proceedings

Ending a marriage takes an emotional and financial toll. Throughout Middle Georgia, we safeguard our clients’ interests and deliver authoritative advice on each aspect of divorce, including:

  • Grounds — State law offers several options for individuals who want to dissolve their marriage. Many divorcing spouses file for a no-fault divorce where they declare that the union is irretrievably broken, but do not assign blame to the other party. If you believe that your spouse committed some form of marital misconduct such as adultery or cruel treatment, we can advise you if filing under one of the 12 traditional fault grounds might benefit your case.
  • Property division — If the parties cannot agree on a division of marital property, Georgia courts allocate assets and debts according to the principle of equitable distribution, so while the division aims to be fair, it is not necessarily an even split. Many factors can be considered in making this determination, including each party’s earning capacity, the couple’s standard of living and whether either party squandered shared assets. Our firm presents the strongest possible case on your behalf to obtain an appropriate resolution.
  • Alimony — Most Georgia alimony is designed to give spouses financial support for a limited period while they establish or re-establish their earning ability. Unless a significant limitation exists that prevents a recipient spouse from working, post-divorce alimony likely will only be awarded to rehabilitate their ability to support themselves.

Prompt action gives you the best chance to protect yourself and your children. We serve clients in Macon, Dooly, Peach and Pulaski counties and are available to provide immediate assistance.

Reputable counselors work to establish fair child custody terms

If you are divorcing with minor children in the home, nothing is more important than setting appropriate guidelines for their legal and physical custody. Even when other issues cannot be worked out, our firm helps clients collaborate with their partners to craft a fair parenting plan that governs issues like residence and visitation. Courts issue custody orders based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. Usually, this means arrangements that enable children to have frequent, meaningful contact with each parent. However, if this presents a serious problem, we will advocate for a resolution that serves the child’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs while protecting your parental rights

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