Real Estate

At the law office of Daniel, Lawson, Tuggle & Jerles, L.L.P., our real estate lawyers have the background and experience to provide effective advice and representation in any real estate transaction or litigation dispute in Central Georgia. From single homes to subdivisions and from offices to office buildings, we handle both commercial and residential matters of all sizes and complexity. One of our attorneys (Robert T. Tuggle, III) acts as a Special Assistant Attorney General in the area of real estate matters, through which our firm gains invaluable insight and experience across a wide range of real property issues.


Real estate deals are often among the most complex business matters. For individual homeowners, buying or selling a home most often represents the single greatest transaction in their lifetime, both in terms of money and personal importance. For commercial real estate developers, real property transactions require significant investments in time, money, and energy, and usually involve multiple players and dynamics that must be carefully navigated.

Our lawyers represent all parties to real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, and banks and other institutional lenders. In addition to purchases and sales, we can be of assistance in obtaining financing, negotiating a lease, providing guidance on regulatory matters, and forming or winding down joint ventures or other business entities formed for the purpose of a particular project.


Given the time and expense devoted to real property transactions, when disputes arise, parties have a significant investment to protect. Our experienced courtroom lawyers provide able prosecution or defense in any matters arising out the purchase or sale of property, such as title defects and contractual disputes, as well as boundary disputes with neighbors, public utility easements, and landlord/tenant matters ranging from unpaid rent and warranty issues to foreclosures and evictions. We help resolve disputes surrounding construction projects, including alleged construction defects or design professional negligence (architects, engineers), mechanics’ liens and payment bonds.

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People who need advice and representation in a residential or commercial real estate matter trust the attorneys at Daniel, Lawson, Tuggle & Jerles, L.L.P. See what our experience and expertise can do for you. Contact our office for an initial consultation.